2021/08/19 06:34
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디지털 콘텐츠 제작, 출판 서비스
7년전에 사용했던 기록이 있는걸 보니 꽤 오래 유지되는 서비스
PDF를 문서를 다양한 포맷의 디지털 문서로 변환 생성
Join millions of content creators and transform your PDFs into SEO-friendly embeddable flipbooks, social stories, email graphics and more. From one to many - create once, share everywhere
Create and distribute content for every digital marketing channel
Automate your content marketing
Bring flat designs to life
Repurpose content into exciting multi-channel campaigns

Create and distribute content for every digital marketing channel

You’ve got beautiful content. Issuu is the place to launch it to the world. Import your designs and instantly create derivative assets for web, mobile, social, email and more. With Issuu, what used to take hours now takes only minutes.
The fastest way to digital. Publish your marketing collateral, magazine, brochure, catalog, or newsletter to the web in a few easy steps. Import a PDF, grab a link to your flipbook and go. Or embed it in your website, blog, or LMS - no IT support needed. Even generate revenue with commission-free Digital Sales.
Issuu also integrates with your favorite tools such as Adobe InDesign, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Mailchimp for a seamless workflow.