Shuffle — An online editor for busy developers

2022/02/23 01:57
An online editor for busy developers
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You don't have to be a designer to create beautiful templates. Shuffle turns you into a visual genius.

The #1 visual editor for busy developers

consists of four visual editors. Easily create Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind CSS, and Material‑UI templates.

Build stunning layouts quickly

Speed up your workflow in a few simple steps.
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Select your favorite front-end technology

Imagine your colleagues' faces when they see the ease with which you work using different front-end technologies.
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Choose UI Components

Shuffle offloads your company's design team. Build layouts from 4,300+ UI components grouped into categories such as navigations, headers, features, and more.
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Customize styles

A client asks to make the logo bigger? Don't worry! You'll get a lot of configuration options to help you customize your templates.
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Download source code

Click export and download the project with all sources. No external dependencies and no vendor lock-in. Smooth cooperation guaranteed!

4,300+ of excellent UI Components

Drag-and-drop UI components into the canvas and download the template in your favorite technology. Reclaim time for styling, adding back-end, or new features.
October 2021

The Pencil Update

Work smarter, not harder. Use the revised right column to quickly edit components, change text and images.
November 2021
We've added a new option to start a project. Now you can generate whole versions of the website with just one click. Find the one that you like and finish it in the editor.
Q1 2022
Export to WordPress - The most popular CMS got a special treatment from us. We'll make it easy to integrate our libraries with WordPress, so you can use them to build great websites quickly and effortlessly.
MUI 5.0 and stunning statistics - We hear your requests. That's why we're already working on upgrading the editor to MUI 5.0. At the same time, we'll give you a new library - Artemis Dashboard.
Support for Vue, Angular, and Chakra UI is coming to Shuffle too!
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