Voiceflow WhatsApp GPT-3 Assistants - Build AI powered WhatsApp Assistants with no-code | Product Hunt

2023/01/13 02:33
Build WhatsApp Assistants powered by GPT-3 using Voiceflow - the collaborative no-code platform for AI Assistants used by 100K people ️
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Hi Product Hunters! My cofounders and I started Voiceflow 3.5 years ago with the goal of democratizing the creation of AI Assistants. Like many of you, we wanted to build an Assistant that wasn't just a dumb button-driven bot, but a smart digital Assistant. We tried the tools available but they were either clunky expensive legacy enterprise tools, or overly simple bot builders focused on button-driven experiences. We were a modern product team and felt we deserved "the figma of conversational interfaces". We wanted a tool for teams like ours, like yours! So, we started building Voiceflow! Fast forward 3.5 years and Voiceflow is the industry standard tool for 100K+ Conversation Designers (designers specializing in conversational interfaces) across thousands of companies big and small! What makes Voiceflow different? Glad you asked! 1. Built for collaboration from the ground up. We didn't just slap in user permissions and call it a day! Everything about Voiceflow is built with team workflows in mind, from real-time collaboration to versioning and more. 2. Built to be modular & tech agnostic. Product teams want to be able to mix and match technologies to fit their perfect tech stack and workflow. We were frustrated with the monolithic vertical products that locked you into their often "average at best" tech stacks! We wanted to mix our technologies like Text-To-Speech and our NLU. So, we built Voiceflow to work with any tech stack, any NLU platform, and in an API-led way so your team can build your perfect workflow. 3. Built for community (always will have a free plan). We believe we're in the early innings of AI Assistants where everything that could be automated, will be automated. We can't imagine or build the functionality needed to automate everything ourselves and instead aim to arm our amazing community with the tools and support to help others. 4. Built for Conversation Designers. We believe great products are design-led, targeting the ideal user experience and working backwards. When building Voiceflow, we start with the Conversation Designer and their experience. We aim to provide a "Figma quality" design experience for the tens of thousands of Conversation Designers who are responsible for creating the conversational experiences that billions of people use every day. After all, if the future is talking to robots - we should arm the designers creating these experiences with great, modern tools - not spreadsheets! Don't complain that your local bank's automated phone system sucks, tell them to design with Voiceflow! Today we're launching our WhatsApp integration, allowing Conversation Designers to extend their work to this new mega channel. We're also launching our AI Assist features enabling the creation of Assistants that are faster and smarter thanks to GPT-3. More on this in future launches ... This is only the start of the AI Assistant revolution, and we should all have amazing design tools to craft jaw dropping conversational experiences. We'd love to hear what you think!! There's so much more coming from Voiceflow, this is truly just the start.