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2023/02/07 04:24
Build your AI app with Evoke's serverless REST APIs. No more expensive GPU and server costs. Introducing our Stable Diffusion API and Dreambooth API
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No machine learning needed

Building an AI product?

Focus on building. We’ll take care of hosting. Just plug and play with our rest API.

Clear and simple API documentation

Unlimited usage

No limits, no headache. We have all the inferencing capacity you need.
Stop paying for nothing. We’ll only charge based on use.
Our support team is our tech team too. So you’ll be getting support directly rather than jumping through hoops.
Flexible infrastructure allows us to scale with you as you grow and handle any spikes in activity.

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Stable Diffusion (v1.5)

Image and art generation from text to image or image to image with clear documentation with our stable diffusion API.
Change the output's artstyle with additional models. MJ v4, Anything v3, Analog, Redshift and more. Other stable diffusion versions like 2.0+ will also be included.
We plan to have other models like Whisper, Yolo, GPT-J, GPT-NEOX, and many more in the future for not only inference, but also training and deployement.

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Keeping it simple with one pricing plan.

You'll only pay for what you use (usage time) rather than costly "always on" subscription fees.

$0.0017 per compute second

Around $1 for 200 images on default settings
Access all our AI with one account
Low latency (Approx 3 seconds per call on default settings)
No quotas - unlimited usage