SaaS Prompts - 500+ ChatGPT prompts for your SaaS product | Product Hunt

2023/02/07 04:22
SaaS Prompts is a growing collection of 500+ ChatGPT prompts to help grow your SaaS product. 100% free to access and no payment required. Filter by category and explore hundreds of prompting ideas for your own business.
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Happy Sunday, Product Hunters! I'm excited to share SaaS Prompts, a growing collection of 500+ ChatGPT prompts for your own SaaS product! I built this project to help you start learning how ChatGPT can be used for your own business needs. I’ve seen other people charging money for ChatGPT prompts and hiding them behind paywalls - that’s not the case here. This resource is 100% free to access so everybody in the community can learn and benefit from the power of AI. Got a prompt you'd like to share? There's also a section where you can submit your own prompt to the community! You can filter the prompts by category, including (more to come!): Product Launch Fundraising B2B Sales Copywriting Customer Support Direct-to-consumer Strategy Product Management Web Development Social Media Hope you find it useful!