Notion Diary

2021/12/28 05:35
Notion Diary boostraps your notion page to a blog site!
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Showcase your thoughts with the world

Grow your page

Takes less than 2 minutes to setup the page! Just login and setup the page and you're good to go!
We believe in minimalism, hence we provide a single table where you can display your content, That's it!
Check our template page.
You can add multiple headings, images, custom stylings, tables and much more! We'll handle it.
Moreover you can add social links to Buy Me A Coffee, Twitter and Instagram. We make sure you get your reach

Frequently asked questions

Too confused? No worries, we got you.

I’ve set up everything but my page isn’t working or I'm not able to see the pages?

This happens when we don't have access properly, make sure the database lies in the same workspace you've logged with and you've shared the page with our integration.

Some elements on my notion page are not showing up on my notion diary

Notion API is still in BETA and it doesn’t support some blocks yet. For now, it supports headings, inline styling, paragraphs, lists, quotes and images. We’re working on keeping our application updated with Notion API.

I didn’t get a single thing

No worries, I have a Loom video for the same. Here