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2022/03/14 04:31
hagrid is a no-code widget, that let's you add a user-generated FAQ section to any webpage in 5 minutes
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ask us anything you'd like, we're using hagrid to put this FAQ up
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Do you have a product roadmap that you can share with us? really helps to understand what you are building out next to know how the product will evolve to meet our needs. And chat you up if we need something you didn't think of yet!
We are bit embarrassed about how little of our roadmap we have built, and how much we have learnt in feedback from fine folks such as yourself. We'll put this together and share with you shortly.
And once we have this in place, we will reach out to ask you what we should change. We're in it to build it!
Hey Isaac, I really want to remove this question to show you that we can. But then, that looks like a circular loop, that would be a paradox!
Jokes apart:
1. Questions go live (for the world) when responded to.
2. Can be removed if needed.
We think the world is civil enough for that!
Melanie, depending on your platform it can take somewhere from 2-5 minutes, self-serve. We are working on self-serve guides for all the platforms. Currently, you can add this to your Webflow, React websites, or by using plain JS.
Hey Aravind! The answer to your question is up in the wind really, but all this seem to suggest that I am about 94 years old and a bit.
If you want to know about the company/product, we are a two year old company, and hagrid is relatively young project, that just now put into open beta.
Yes we are looking to expand OAuth options and also add direct password less logins.
Is there a particular OAuth you'd like to see? Would love to have a chat and get that working for you.
hagrid is “widget”, just like this one, that you can add to any webpage! In the widget, visitors can ask questions, and we (the website owners) can respond. The questions and answers are public (unlike customer-support e-mails and chat, which are gathering dust in your attic).
So with hagrid you get two big advantages:
1. Social proof & the resulting trust - see and hear other people “in the room”
2. A living breathing FAQ section - populated by your users
A good parallel is the questions and answers section on an product listing.

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