Arcade | Create Interactive Product Demos

2023/01/25 03:24
Arcades are super easy to create. Build interactive product tours to embed within websites, blogs, and social media.
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Show, don't tell

Create interactive product demos in minutes and turn all users into power users.
Loved by 1k+ of the most product-forward companies
Effortlessly showcase your product
Arcade automatically stitches together screen captures, videos, and tooltips to help you effortlessly highlight your product.
Embed interactive demos anywhere on your website, or share them via email or on social to spark curiosity and interest.

User-driven experiences

Let users experience your product through interactive, guided demos. No more pausing and rewinding, users can progress at their own pace.
Adjust demo flows to include new features, or based on what you discover in Analytics. All edits will automatically reflect in published Arcades.
“The product is super user-friendly and knows exactly how to help - everything from installation, sizing, formatting, to publishing. Wow!!”
Leverage out-of-the-box analytics to identify which parts of the product experience resonate most with your audience.
“Engagement is generally much higher on Arcades vs. images and videos, and we're able to run small tests quite easily.”

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