Notea - Self-hosted note-taking app stored on S3

2022/01/14 05:39
Self-hosted note-taking app stored on S3.
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Why you’ll love Notea

Notea is self-hosted, so your data is safe in your hands. In a few steps, it can be deployed to Vercel or Netlify, or even your own server via docker.
Notea does not require a database. Notes are stored in AWS S3 bucket or compatible APIs. This means you can use MinIO(self-hosted), Aliyun OSS(like AWS S3) or NAS to store your data.


You can publish your content to the web. With beautiful typography and new upcoming features, you can share your docs, wikis, blogs and newsletters with others using Notea.
The editor is based on markdown syntax. It also supports slash commands, rich embeds, drag and drop to upload pictures, etc.