Makeswift is an easy-to-learn no-code website builder. Collaborate in real time with your team to visually design high-performing and durable Next.js websites.
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Makeswift is a no-code website builder with the power and detail of a design tool. Now you can stop trying to fit your ideas into the constraints of a rigid template and let your creativity come to life.
"Makeswift is just really freaking easy to use. I love how simple it is to organize and lay out sections using boxes. The built-in design system features for text and colors also make it painless to create and manage these pages."
Never again get locked out of a project because a teammate is working on it. In Makeswift, you and your team can collaborate in real-time and come up with better ideas, faster.
Makeswift is built on a durable stack the best teams know and trust. Your live website is a Next.js application built with familiar React components, running on Vercel's blazing-fast Edge Network.

Everything you need to create beautiful websites.