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2021/12/31 06:30
Open Source Scheduling: Send a link and meet or build an entire marketplace for humans to connect.
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“I use for every meeting. It literally saves me hours of scheduling back and forth by email. I love it so much that I’ve decided to step down as CEO of Deel to join as junior product manager.”

Built for teams that need more control

Scheduling tools are awesome. We're using them for business meetings, seminars, yoga classes and even calls with our families. But most tools are very limited in terms of control and customisations.
For most teams, scheduling is a core part of the product. We get rid of any design restrictions that come with alternatives.
You are in control of your events, customer data, workflow and costs. The open core of offers you to make or request changes quickly.
Integrate Cal with your platform using our open API, built in customisation options and range of embed options. Perfect as infrastructure.

Say hello to unlimitedcustomization

When the classic iframe embed isn't enough, you need to try Design, modify and adapt it your way.
Join the community and help us build the best open source communications protocol for humans.

Schedule meetings without the email tennis

Connect to the apps you already love to use comes with plenty of pre-installed apps, as well as the ability to build custom integrations for any platform.
Accept payments for your meetings with Stripe. Easily charge for something like a yoga class.

Scheduling as infrastructure.Powering any business that involves humans.

Build Telemedicine to allow patients to book appointments with doctors and therapists.

Meet the Cal community.Open to anyone.

Engage on GitHub

Help us build the best open source communications protocol for humans.
Our community of thousands of amazing people are collaborating to help each other build the next generation in scheduling infrastucture.
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