Grist | The Evolution of Spreadsheets

2021/11/12 09:22
Grist is a relational spreadsheet-database that empowers you to organize your data, your way. Get started with a free trial.
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Combine the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the robustness of a database to organize your data, your way.
A former employee discovered Grist, and built out the sheets and views we still use today. We desperately needed a better system to keep our data organized. Grist has been a wonderful solution. It's very user friendly and we appreciate the periodic updates. Very happy with this platform!
We've been using Grist for almost a year now to keep track of our staff, enrollments, and payments. All the features have been a lifesaver! We have been able to organize and refine our data entry smoothly and look forward to the new features to come.