Voicl - Add voice widgets to your website ⚡️

2022/02/15 02:47
Increase conversions and website engagement by speaking to your audience directly. Improve your business through direct spoken feedback.
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Use voice widgets to speak to your audience & collect voice feedback. Increase conversions and make better decisions.

Use speak voicys to explain your product

Sometimes a good copy just isn't enough to make people understand what it is you do. Instead, simply TELL them what you're all about - in your own words, using your own voice.

Use Listen voicys to collect customer feedback

Ask your audience for their opinion directly. Plus, people will leave feedback more frequently because it doesn't cost them time typing it down anymore.

Use Smart Embed, a true no code solution

Add one line of code once. Now you can create as many voicys as you want to and place them on your website without touching code again.

Track customer interaction in real-time

Our analytics give you a clear insight into your voicys' and ultimately your websites' performance. The engagement graph shows you how much of your voicy people listened to and where you lose them.