Potion-노션기반 사이트빌더

2021/08/19 07:10
노션기반 웹사이트 빌더
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Potion adds the magic, generating a speedy site with custom domains, styles and great SEO.

"As a current user, I highly recommend it! I’m really loving writing my site in Notion and having it published with Potion"
"Potion is fantastic! A breeze to use, and the product keeps getting better. Plus I already use Notion for everything else. It's a no-brainer!"
You're already writing all your content there. Why not use it for your website? Potion makes this possible. Checkout the blocks supported.
Get distracted with tons of options
Learn a new web builder
Monthly visitor limits
Manually create every pretty URL
Same image preview for each page
Potion generates pretty URLs and preview images auto-magically from your page titles
You can add your own css and fonts with snippet injection and change the default Notion-like styles.
Potion generates a static site so navigating between pages and loading them is like the snap of a finger.
We play nicely with other tools you need to build a website.
If you can build it in Notion, you can build it in Potion.
Yeah, I've migrated my Notion-site to Potion and it's exactly what I need so far.I can customize Notion pages to this extent ( on top of the better performance and SEO.Really excited for future updates as well!
As a current user I highly recommend it! I’m really loving writing my site in @NotionHQ and having it published with @addpotion
Thanks @noahwbragg! Still gotta get some actual blog posts on there but @addpotion made it look way nice!
I also want to give a special shoutout to @noahwbragg of @addpotion for making this dashboard so simple to set up (custom domain, pretty urls, fast website). A very tired new dad with an average of 4 hours of sleep a night was able to figure it out and get started