2021/08/18 07:59
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Jemi is a website builder built from the ground up for creators and entrepreneurs. Showcase your content, engage with your audience, and monetize online.
Supercharge your creator business. Offer merch, virtual interactions, digital downloads, and more to your audience in minutes.
Collect followers, send emails updates, and text your audience directly. Everything you need for your CRM lives within Jemi.

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When you join Jemi, you’re joining thousands of creators and artists that are passionate about creating a brand and income online -- you know, people like you.
Jemi is really unique in that it is the only truly all-in-one solution for creators. What's more, they really listen to their users to constantly be improving and you can tell they really care about their peeps. 10/10 highly recommend :)
Jemi is the most convenient tool that I needed to finally launch my own website. I did not even need to tap into my previous HTML coding experience, the website is so easy to customize to your liking and I’m glad I did it. I slacked for a year and all it took was 10 mins to set-up my profile. Thanks Jemi!
I’ve been contemplating about creating a website/landing page to make my brand more presentable. Finding out about Jemi has saved me the trouble of making my own website from scratch, and have given me the confidence and convenience to have all my necessary links and works consolidated in one presentable place. A big BONUS is having such a wonderful team and community behind it. Really glad I hopped on aboard. :)
I've honestly never met people as dedicated to helping creators achieve their goals as the folks behind Jemi. Finding ways to keep your dream going can be difficult at times, but Jemi makes it easy to talk to your fans and truly find out what they want. I'm honestly excited to be a part of it.

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Jemi's free website builder makes it easy for creators to showcase their content, engage with their audiences, and monetize online.

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