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QA자동화 플랫폼 The Complete QA Platform
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Get the speed of automation and the intelligence of humans in the only unified QA platform that anyone can use. Release with quality, quickly, without having to add headcount or break the bank.

Deploy with confidence at any stage of growth

From startups to enterprises, teams know they’ll catch bugs before their customers do with Rainforest QA.

Get up and running quickly, code required

No Code Required.

When it’s this easy to write, run, and maintain software tests, anyone can do it.
Don’t know where to start your testing? Our superstar support and customer success teams will help you plan your strategy and show you best practices.

The flexibility you need for end‑to‑end test coverage

All testing options are available on-demand, 24x7, and provide results in minutes. You only pay for what you use.

When you want the fastest test results at the lowest cost

Automated Rainforest tests run in parallel on virtual machines in the cloud, giving you speed and infinite scalability.
Our proprietary automation tests what a user sees in your app, not what a computer sees behind the scenes. So you’ll test exactly what your customers experience.

When tests require human subjectivity and quick results

Every on-demand test run by our worldwide community of thousands of vetted-and-trained testers is evaluated by at least two QA professionals. (And you only get charged for one.)
We only accept results when there’s a consensus, so you get consistent, reliable test results.

Run tests on 40+ browsers and platforms on virtual machines

No matter how many test cases you execute on Rainforest at a time, we run your tests in parallel. That’s how we can return sets of test results in minutes, even from our Tester Community.
Our detailed reports include everything you need to quickly triage your app’s bugs, including clear reproduction steps, HTTP logs, and video recordings.
Average time it takes to get full test suite results from the Rainforest Tester Community.
Test All Types of Apps
We support testing web apps on desktop and mobile, native mobile apps, and native desktop apps.
Testing Scenarios
Exploratory Testing
On-Premise Testing
Assign your own employees to manually run test cases on 40+ browsers and virtual devices via our virtual machines.
Virtual Machines
All tests are run on Rainforest-hosted virtual machines, so every test environment is clean and results are easy to reproduce.
Fair Pricing
Get five free hours of automated testing every month. Beyond that, you only pay for what you use.
World-Class Support
We secure your data with best practices including HIPAA and ISO 27002 compliance. Learn more
“I can hire two or three good QA people and they can act with the power of five or six, just by using Rainforest.”
“Tests that would take our in-house manual team two or three days can be executed by Rainforest testers in less than a couple of hours.”
“We wouldn't be doing CI/CD the way we are now without Rainforest's automated QA backbone.”
“Innovative approach to QA that allowed us to get coverage in record time.”

Frequently asked questions

No. For the sake of speed and scalability, we only run tests on virtual machines. We can’t help you test hardware-specific features like video recording, audio recording, taking photos, and using non-spoofed location services.
Unlike Selenium, our proprietary testing automation doesn’t require any coding, so anyone can use it.
That means you don’t need any specialized resources to create tests. Or, to maintain tests when your product inevitably changes.
Rainforest tests are also less brittle than Selenium tests when it comes to making code changes to your product. Seemingly-minor changes that break a Selenium test won’t affect a Rainforest test when there are no changes to the product’s UI.

Find more bugs, faster, without adding headcount

Rainforest gives your team QA superpowers. So you can spend more time building your product, not bashing bugs.