Mobile Apps.
2021/09/11 13:17
물물교환 플랫폼 서비스
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Stop spending money.
Use our iOS\Android app for exchanging. Here you can exchange things you don't need anymore for something useful.
The product you like cannot be exchanged for yours? We would build a chain of exchanges for you so that both you and the owner of the desired product get what they are interested in:
1. The chain participants confirm their participation (not mandatory).2. Each participant passes their product to the interested user and gets the product that he wanted.
Find out what you can exchange for right after the publication of the product.
We will offer exchange options based on your interests and other criteria. Now you do not need to wait long for a deal, offer an exchange yourself.
Avoid unnecessary meetings, instantly make encrypted video calls directly in the app, check out the products and get acquainted in a couple of clicks. No need to disclose your personal data. It's fast, safe and fun.